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  1. Sorry for Spamming in advance I have another update. It's not the usernames. That was just a coincidence. It seems like it ESET Protect can't handle umlauts like ä, ö, ü anymore.
  2. The username notation was a good idea though: I have just tried to create a username with upper- and lowercase letters and it worked. I have also asked a colleague to login with his account that contains uppercase letters and it worked for him as well. @ ESET-Team: Could you please ask the devs to have a look at it if possible?
  3. In my case all the user accounts have lowercase letters and at least one password contains upper- and lowercase letters as well as numbers and special characters. Also wouldn't I see an error message in ESET Protect if I wanted to create user accounts with forbidden passwords?
  4. Hello everyone, we've updated our ESMC 7.2 (I think) to ESET Protect 8.0.1238.0 over the weekend and since then the only user able to login is the default "Administrator". Usually we use AD admin users to login and this worked fine before the update. We are also not able to use newly created native users without an AD connection to login. There's always the same error message: "Login failed: Invalid username or password". Does anyone have an idea where this issue might be coming from? Thanks in advance!
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