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  1. Thanks for the confirmation. Shall relay this to our teams here.
  2. I totally agree, I'd be looking to briefly use these settings at home as a short term solution. Workplaces on the other hand I'd prefer to endure the loss of Dropbox functionality whilst ESET resolve this in a future update.
  3. Good to knpw, I have relayed the below instructions to others. Seeing as there's fixes likely inbound I'd only carry these out with intention of re-enabling and adding Dropbox later on and use this as a get working now solution and not ideal.
  4. I have the same thing happening both at home and at work. At home I've been able to remove Dropbox.exe from the filtering list (not added to exclusion list) and it's working as normal now. Advanced Settings -> WEB AND EMAIL -> SSL/TLS -> List of SSL/TLS filtered applications -> Edit Then removed the line with Dropbox.exe in it. Once applied the changes and restarted Dropbox connected without issue. At work however it's a corporate environment and management of the settings is understandly by another dept so something in ESET is triggering a response from Dropbox to make it not trust the connection.
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