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  1. Thanks for fast reply, happy new year
  2. Hello, Yesterday I found on my dad's pc a strange file. The file's name is livedomainlist.txt, it is in many localisations but mostly it is a shortcut to the livedomainlist.txt in localisation "Windows/System32/MailContactsCalendarSync/livedomainlists.txt". When I opened that file, there were hundreds or thousands of strange websites that I have never seen before. Only one topic I had found in the internet was on forum malwarebytes and the administration could not be sure what is it. Unfortunately I can't use VirusTotal because I am out of home for some days. Should I be worried or it is a normal file, that blocks those websites in Mail, Contacts etc? Thanks in advance and a happy new year!
  3. I found that info about Ms office but I had never installed MS Office on my pc and I found it strange, as you can see, there isn't any regid.***.Microsoft Office files but if You tell it is safe and I have nothing to worry about, It makes me to feel safer.
  4. Thanks a lot for help. I went to virustotal and there were 0/70, so I am calm now. I have got one more question if I can ask You, I also found some strange files (for me, I am a little bit paranoic to be honest), the files path:"C:\ProgramData\regid.1991-06.com.microsoft" the files name:"regid.1991-06.com.microsoft.7ee692e9.swidtag" and the second "regid.1991-06.com.microsoft_Windows-10-Home.swidtag".
  5. To be honest, I heard about this website but I have never read about it. What is this site and how does it work? Thanks for help.
  6. Hello, Today i checked my task manager and I found some WmiPrvSE.exe processes. All of them were processes with localisation path "C:\Windows\System32\wbem" except one. One of them had localization path: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\wbem". I had read that if this is other location than "C:\Windows\System32\wbem" it is very possible that it is a virus or worm etc. Should I be worried or it is normal. Thanks for responses. Edit: I also have more files in this folder that were created one year ago. I think it can be helpful.
  7. Hello again, Today I noticed that this file is being created when I turn periodic scanning by Windows Defender, because create time is exactly the same like time I changed that option in my Windows Defender's settings. When I turn it off, the file is being deleted, I'm almost sure that file helps to make periodic scanning or something like that.
  8. Hello, Today I had made an antivirus scan but ESET could not open and scan a strange file that's hidden in a path: "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender". The file's name is IMpService77BDAF73-B396-481F-9042-AD358843EC24.lock I don't know it is safe file or I should try to remove it. I'm scared a lot, thanks for your help.
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