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  1. Hello all... I am receiving warnings of Arp cache poisoning and duplicate ip address in the detection tab on protect cloud portal. But i am not sure what to do here? some users are complaining of pop ups every couple minutes indicating arp cache poisoning, to the point working becomes very irritating. Here is a quick screen shot of whats going on... I am not sure what they actually mean... I do not know how duplicate ip address are possible when using dhcp. Everyone works remotely so openvpn is being used to connect to the office lan... Any help appreciated... Thanks and have a great day! Rob Morin Montreal, Canada
  2. So....... is it available yet? Last week has come and gone.... Updates?
  3. Ok great, looking forward to it... Thanks...
  4. Hello, anyone know when Linux EP AV 7.1.9 client will be ready, i have half dozen users that are not protected, because they are running Kernel 5.8 Thanks and stay safe everyone!
  5. Thanks for the update, but i have made at least 4 requests since Monday... I will give your "US Colleagues" the benefit of the doubt this time. I look forward to the files.... was there a post put up regarding this incompatibility with kernel 5.8? Have a great and safe day!
  6. The last case i received an email about is : Case #485500 The one before that was, Case #484068 I filled out the online form twice before the above mentioned Cases, only to not receive any emails at all. I attached logs to these forms I filled out, so not sure where all that ended up. I only came to these forms because Customer support is too slow... When I pay for a product as much as I did for Eset, I expect 24 hours is max time for support response. not 72 hours. As mentioned before logs are attached to previous post. Please advise
  7. Ok so I bought Eset Endpoint Antivirus Protect cloud online from your website for $1600, no distributor is needed. You are my help. I have my logs where do i upload them, I have opened 4 tickets in the last 4 days with no response that is why I am in these forums!! I am not going to fill out that useless form for the 5th time, I am attaching the logs to this post. Please Advise. HardentStrace.zip HardentLogs.zip
  8. Ok so 2 of the 6 users disabled secure boot, and still have the same issues... What else to try now?
  9. You got 20.04 LTS working??, I have 6 PCs i cant get it to work on, any tips?
  10. So after a system update and reboot i get this now.... Real-time file system protection is non-functional ???
  11. Hello all, first off Eset Customer Support is trash. I have paid a lot of money for Eset Protect cloud, and I have been sending support requests in only to never get answers back, is this company still operating? Ok now on to my problem... Ubuntu 20.04 , "Product is installed but it is not running" on my Protect Cloud panel. I have 5 workstations that give this error. Can't seem to get any support form Eset or find much via google. Anyone else come up with this issue? The client install the Linux agent just fine and it reports in. But when the client install Endpoint for Linux it seems to install without error but my control panel shows. Product is installed but it is not running I did however read that we should remove secure boot from BIOS of the computer, I have not told the users to try it yet, but i am using a VM in virtualbox for troubleshooting, and I have the same issue and no secure boot is enabled. On user's side it does not really show any errors, its hard for me to troubleshoot them as everyone is remote, and the users are not very good at Linux... so I installed Ubuntu 20.04.LTS in virtualbox for testing So Eset seem like its running.... root@ubunu2004:/home/rob/Desktop# ps -ax |grep eset 787 ? Ssl 0:02 /opt/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Agent/ERAAgent --daemon --pidfile /var/run/eraagent.pid 1365 ? Ss 0:00 /opt/eset/eea/sbin/startd 1367 ? S 0:00 /opt/eset/eea/lib/logd 1368 ? S 0:00 /opt/eset/eea/lib/sysinfod 1369 ? Sl 0:01 /opt/eset/eea/lib/updated 1370 ? S 0:00 /opt/eset/eea/lib/licensed 1371 ? Sl 0:00 /opt/eset/eea/lib/confd 1376 ? Sl 0:00 /opt/eset/eea/lib/oaeventd 1380 ? Sl 0:09 /opt/eset/eea/lib/scand 2013 tty2 Sl+ 0:00 /usr/lib/xorg/Xorg vt2 -displayfd 3 -auth /run/user/1001/gdm/Xauthority -background none -noreset -keeptty -verbose 3 2455 ? S 0:00 /bin/sh /opt/eset/eea/lib/install_scripts/egui_autorestart.sh --gapplication-service 2503 ? Sl 0:00 /opt/eset/eea/lib/egui --gapplication-service 2508 ? S 0:00 /opt/eset/eea/lib/utild 2641 pts/0 S+ 0:00 grep --color=auto eset /var/log/syslog has this in it... an 14 12:59:39 ubunu2004 systemd[1]: Starting ESET Endpoint Antivirus... Jan 14 12:59:39 ubunu2004 systemd[1]: Starting ESET Management Agent... Jan 14 12:59:42 ubunu2004 systemd[1]: Started ESET Management Agent. Jan 14 13:00:06 ubunu2004 check_start.sh[1362]: /var/opt/eset/eea/eventd/eset_rtp/ertp_excludes.c: In function ‘ertp_proc_excluded’: Jan 14 13:00:06 ubunu2004 check_start.sh[1362]: /var/opt/eset/eea/eventd/eset_rtp/ertp_excludes.c:202:17: error: ‘struct mm_struct’ has no member named ‘mmap_sem’; did you mean ‘mmap_base’? Jan 14 13:00:06 ubunu2004 check_start.sh[1362]: /var/opt/eset/eea/eventd/eset_rtp/ertp_excludes.c:207:15: error: ‘struct mm_struct’ has no member named ‘mmap_sem’; did you mean ‘mmap_base’? Jan 14 13:00:06 ubunu2004 check_start.sh[1255]: make[3]: *** [scripts/Makefile.build:290: /var/opt/eset/eea/eventd/eset_rtp/ertp_excludes.o] Error 1 Jan 14 13:00:06 ubunu2004 check_start.sh[1254]: make[2]: *** [scripts/Makefile.build:519: /var/opt/eset/eea/eventd/eset_rtp] Error 2 Jan 14 13:00:06 ubunu2004 check_start.sh[788]: make[1]: *** [Makefile:1780: /var/opt/eset/eea/eventd] Error 2 Jan 14 13:00:06 ubunu2004 eea[1364]: ESET Endpoint Antivirus error: Error compiling on-access kernel modules Jan 14 13:00:07 ubunu2004 oaeventd[1376]: ESET Endpoint Antivirus Error: Cannot open file /lib/modules/5.8.0-36-generic/eset/eea/eset_rtp.ko: No such file or directory#012 Jan 14 13:00:07 ubunu2004 oaeventd[1376]: ESET Endpoint Antivirus Error: Initialization of system handler for on-access scan has failed. Please update your OS and restart your computer, then check system logs.#012 Jan 14 13:00:08 ubunu2004 systemd[1]: Started ESET Endpoint Antivirus. Jan 14 13:01:20 ubunu2004 /usr/lib/gdm3/gdm-x-session[2013]: (==) Matched modesetting as autoconfigured driver 1 Jan 14 13:01:20 ubunu2004 /usr/lib/gdm3/gdm-x-session[2013]: (II) LoadModule: "modesetting" Jan 14 13:01:20 ubunu2004 /usr/lib/gdm3/gdm-x-session[2013]: (II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/modesetting_drv.so Jan 14 13:01:20 ubunu2004 /usr/lib/gdm3/gdm-x-session[2013]: (II) Module modesetting: vendor="X.Org Foundation" Jan 14 13:01:20 ubunu2004 /usr/lib/gdm3/gdm-x-session[2013]: (II) modesetting: Driver for Modesetting Kernel Drivers: kms Jan 14 13:01:20 ubunu2004 /usr/lib/gdm3/gdm-x-session[2013]: (WW) Falling back to old probe method for modesetting Jan 14 13:01:20 ubunu2004 /usr/lib/gdm3/gdm-x-session[2013]: (II) UnloadModule: "modesetting" Jan 14 13:01:20 ubunu2004 /usr/lib/gdm3/gdm-x-session[2013]: (II) Unloading modesetting Jan 14 13:01:23 ubunu2004 licensed[1370]: ESET Endpoint Antivirus Error: Cannot receive data from server: Network is unreachable#012 Jan 14 13:01:23 ubunu2004 licensed[1370]: message repeated 2 times: [ ESET Endpoint Antivirus Error: Cannot receive data from server: Network is unreachable#012] Jan 14 13:01:26 ubunu2004 dbus-daemon[1930]: [session uid=1001 pid=1930] Activating service name='eset.eea' requested by ':1.33' (uid=1001 pid=2195 comm="/usr/libexec/gnome-session-binary --systemd-servic" label="unconfined") Jan 14 13:01:28 ubunu2004 dbus-daemon[1930]: [session uid=1001 pid=1930] Successfully activated service 'eset.eea' Any ideas? Thanks..
  12. So just realized they are all 16.04 and its not supported, sadly. They will try to update to 18 in the coming weeks. That leaves the Mac... Any suggestions...?? Thanks...
  13. Hey all... So I have 3 Linux machines and a Mac that have fresh installs of Eset EP AV, they always show the below errors on the Protect Cloud admin panel I have email them and asked them to do a couple commands to see if eset is at all running ps -auwx|grep -i eset and grep - eset /var/log/syslog WHile I am waiting on a response from them, any suggestions? Thanks and have a great day!
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