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  1. 10 hours ago, Marcos said:

    Are you able to reproduce the issue with release modules and the problem does not occur with pre-release modules or vice-versa?

    I'm currently on pre-release. So I assume, ALL modules installed are pre-release modules, unless not available. I don't have any issues right now with Interactive dialog, after reverting to older versions of modules updated April 28, 2021. You know what modules were released that date, I don't remember. So for me the missing Interactive dialogs bug is clearly module specific, and its NOT caused by firewall module. When I have time, I'll reverse to release modules and see, but why do that, if even previous pre-release modules don't cause such bug on my end?

    I think, the devs should allow sig updates despite module updates are on hold. I mean, some folks still use very old Eset versions, and still get sig updates.

  2. 6 hours ago, itman said:

    How did you block module updates?

    By Module Rollback option in Eset Update setup. It suspends module updates until set time or till suspension is revoked. However, this should not stop signatures and other Eset components updates required to provide all claimed protections.

    In fact, module updates are seldom, may be once in several months, but signature updates are done many times a day. So it appears to be a bug that suspending module updates also suspends signature and other regular DB updates required for Eset to function effectively.

  3. 40 minutes ago, itman said:

    I upgraded to ver. 14.1.19 yesterday and my firewall module ver. is 1418 dating to 11/2/2020.

    This reply doesn't answer my Q about signature updates, while module updates are blocked.

    As to Firewall module, I've 1420 of 02/18/21, and it works very well, so I've no intention to go back to 1418, and in general to older modules, since currently installed pre-release versions work well. It might be an old FW "pre-release", but as soon as I rolled back from April 28, 21 two or three module updates (not the Firewall module), Interactive mode started working properly. So a different module (out of 3 updated on pre-release yesterday) affected this. Hope it narrows the bug search for devs.

  4. 7 hours ago, Marcos said:

    It doesn't look like a general problem

    The issue was also observed with v14.0, however, the cause is unknown yet.

    I just checked Eset settings and found that I'm on Pre-release update channel. I rolled back the last modules update, rebooted, and now I've Interaction Prompts on screen again. Eset version remains the same, and I noticed that Eset Firewall module version 1420 remained also the same, only modules updated on April 28, 2021 were reverted, since there are no modules with that date anymore in the list. So it looks like a different last updated Eset module causes the issue.

    I blocked module updates for now. Does it mean that signatures won't be updated either? is there a way to keep updating signatures, while blocking module updates? May be its better to stay on Release channel rather than Pre-release in general?

  5. 5 hours ago, Marcos said:

    Was the ESET main gui open

    did you reboot

    Eset main GUI was open when Telegram was launched. But this is just an example, many apps behave like this. I did reboot the system (not shutdown) to no avail. I rely heavily on interactive mode when running some apps, so its very unfortunate Eset bug, basically doesn't allow me to run quite a few apps, because some of their components must be allowed to access web, while others should not be.

  6. Tested again. After Learning mode created rules for Telegram, I switched to Interactive mode, and Telegram loaded content based on the above new rules. But after I disabled these new rules and restarted Telegram in Interactive Firewall mode, it again couldn't load any content, and no Eset Prompt appeared. So Interactive Mode appears broken in the last release. Didn't happen to me before anything like that. The main Eset GUI is kept open, but it doesn't affect anything.

  7. Just noticed that Eset Firewall Interactive Mode doesn't work any longer after recent upgrade to v. 14.1.19 . The apps that required manual permission before in Interactive mode, or even had such permission in Advanced Rules, now can't access internet. Eset shows no prompt ever at such apps launch. The same apps work fine in Eset Firewall Auto and Learning modes.

    As an example, Telegram stopped loading content despite existing "Allow" rule, and no Eset prompt appears at Telegram launch. But there are a lot more apps behaving like this. I tried to delete all Telegram rules, then they get auto created in Learning mode, but Interactive mode still doesn't show any prompts and blocks Telegram. However, it passes all browsers traffic without prompts.

    Any way to fix that?

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