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  1. well he had me create a NEW email address for eset due to a mixup/messup with the old ones and go through the whole process again was not difficult but the old email address's somehow did not work... IIRC... you may want to try the chat again it took awhile to get through required patients on my part. AND he had em go back and release my old email addy's AFTER we had set up the new... think you will need to wait a bit... and watch the screen? could not find a phone number and they never responded to my input only the online chat worked... ??? Oh also you have to allow access to your comp...
  2. but lookin at it and what's been posted here... they don't SEEM to match????? OK just got done using online chat and the password manager is now working!!! recommend if you are having issues use eset's online chat... took a bit cause i had made a mess of things but the online chat person got it sorted out and it now works! worth the effort IMHO!!!
  3. can't export through the eset password manager or the browser password manger... and been waiting in live chat for 10 minutes now... ???
  4. sounds very nice n such... thing is I did the export to xml... and import... and all the other stuff and I still have the same message... went through the all the stuff they tell you to do... NOPE... had this trouble before... with the previous version... so I just shut it down as it was NOT doing it's job... thinkin of doing the same now... gettin real tired of software that don't work as advertised!!!! and when I go to look still says good to 2022 plus it says they have fixed it... but pull down the password manager in the browser and get expired message... left hand ain't t
  5. on my system it says license expired and the date is 12/19/2020 but when I look at the license on eset and check online with eset says 2022... also when I click on the password manager in Firefox and try to export the button does nothing??? Have tried every way that the eset help files suggest to install/remedy this but no changes... getting very irritating... same message over and over... below copy of what small window says License expired You will lose your account and stored passwords on 12/19/2020.
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