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  1. This is no solution - upgrade doesn't work - You can't export anymore data from PWM v2 to xml and data migrated by ESET are usless and damaged.
  2. After ESET released new version of ESSP (14.x.x) on 1 december You can't open Password Manager v2 becouse ESET have switched off services required to work Password Manager v2. If you have not previously exported your data to xml format (which contradicts of using password manager because it is unsafe) from Password Manager v2, you don't have access to your data at the moment, even though you probably have local copies of data in * .spdb format and ESET has copies of this data in the cloud. It is true that on the ESET website https://help.eset.com/password_manager/3/en-US/password_m
  3. It's nice to hear that Your problem is solved - unfortunately, ESET support via online chat is not available in every region; ( - in my region I can contact only via e-mail. So it's been 7 days since I lost access to my data stored in Password Manager and since I have reported problem to ESET support and so far no specific answer regarding the problems with badly migrated data and no access to Password Manager v2 in order to at least export stored data to xml ...; ( So far I only know that I am not only person who lost access to data stored in Password Manager v2 afert upgraded to ve
  4. Like I see not only I have the same problem with access to my data saved in Password Manager v2 although I don't have problem with the license ... more people describe the same problem on Eset Password Manager site in chrome store https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/eset-password-manager/khhapgacijodhjokkcjmleaempmchlem ... I hope this will be fixed quickly becouse in one moment I practically lost access to my data encrypted by key which I have saved in Password Manager v2
  5. Hello, Since yesterday I have problem with open Password Manager v2 - i want to export saved data in order to import to version 3 and when i try to do this I got error "Synchronization failed - Click Send in order to send an report about this error" and then Password Manager v2 is close. After install Password Manager v3 and logging into it I see many position in section `Notices` - I phink they was automatic migrated to new version - but every notice looks like this: "App: Username: Password: Comment: 鼖窰붍訋䐐㡦핊ဦᵳ" - so I suspect they migrated incorrectly. So, how can I export
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