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  1. Sure if i clean it all will be fine i understand, but how to do it? your software is ignoring this malware, can you help me to remove this malware from my computer?
  2. problem is that this malware is blocking access to this website... its my own website which i need to work with... also blocking all websites which i need like themeforest to see template demo and other... how can i remove this malware frommy computer?
  3. I created file by deafult mode now.. im sending it in attachment eis_logs2.zip
  4. Not on every page and no on esets one. Malware was detected in my computer. I collected log by Eset log collector but i cant upload it because file size is more than 100MB, exactly 468MB
  5. That threat is in my computer i removed all data from server and continued. This malware is blocking another also websites and was found by spy hunter 5.
  6. Hello, i found this threat. Your software cant remove it. Can you help? How to send log with file size 468MB?
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