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  1. Yes, the malware has been removed! I attach the Autoruns log. Thanks! Autoruns.zip
  2. Here is the contents of the folder 😄 \ Users \ gb \ AppData \ Roaming \ EciYLzJxA. Thanks! EciYLzJxA.zip
  3. Attached are files 4, 5 and 6 obtained from procmon and the file obtained from Autoruns Autoruns.zip
  4. Attached are files 2 and 3 obtained from procmon Procmon_2_3.zip
  5. Procmon generated 7 files for a total of more than 2 GB. I attach the Bootlog.pml file (the first two) and the file generated by Autoruns. If you also need the other 6 procmon files it has to make more posts. Thanks Autoruns.zip
  6. Hi Marcos, I got the eav_logs.zip file, what should I look for? Thanks
  7. When I turn on the computer I get an alarm from Eset: PowerShell/Agent.dy Eset did not find the virus/ virus location. How do I remove this virus? Thanks
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