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  1. Many thanks for your precise instructions! I have followed them on both of my desktop computers and now everything works fine. The current eset certficate is also now visible in the Thunderbird Authorites certificate store. :)
  2. Thank you itman. I'm not a very experienced user and I'm using a German version of the program, so I hope I've understood your instructions correctly. In Eset I see only one root certificate, valid starting 30 November 2020. In Thunderbird's Authorities certificate store I can also see only one certificate, which is valid until 6 June 2028, but with a start date of 9 June 2018. This would be the only one I can see to delete, and I'm not sure what would happen then, so I'm afraid to try it.
  3. I've just tried to send some more emails with ssl filtering enabled and it again doesn't work. The emails are sent (I receive them on my android devices), but not saved in TB in the sent folder and I can't receive them using TB.
  4. Many thanks to Kveri! I reversed steps 3 and 4 and now it works: Disable SSL filtering Close Thunderbird Launch Thunderbird Re-enable SSL filtering.
  5. I followed your instructions in 1-4 above. This does not work for me. I can only receive emails in Thunderbird with SSL filtering switched off. This is true on two different desktop devices and for both pop and imap accounts. I am using TB 78.5.0 with Windows 10. The android email apps on both my mobile devices are working perfectly.
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