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  1. Hi Marcos, and thank you for your prompt reply. As a matter of fact, I am not able to connect to my Desktop (with ESET) from my laptop within the LAN (INTERNET not involved here so far). How can I put btoth computers on the trusted zone ?
  2. Hello, As in topic, I cannot enable Remote Desktop connection to my Desktop computer running windows 10 20H2 version: I have installed ESET internet security and the windows firewall has been disabled, that is expected. Now, when I try to enable remote desktop system keeps telling that I have to enable windows firewall first, something I cannot do because ESET has permanently disabled that service. Is there a way out of this CATCH-22 situation or I am stuck in the middle ? WOuld really like to keep ESET running since I like it a lot. Thank you in advance, Diego
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