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  1. Hello everyone, "How can i test if this implementation of on-access-scanner is working?" - just drop an EICAR- testfile into the SMB-share and see what happens.. Anyone who got the "on-access"- scanner working for Samba on a Suse Enterprise server (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4 (x86_64)) with the SMB- daemon and the "libesets_pac.so" ? ( I did not test the example above yet..)
  2. Good morning MichalJ, yes, of course we are using the ERA to manage the clients.. I think we can solve the problem with the online / offline activation features. Thank you for the info.
  3. But we have between 9000 and 10000 clients in our network worldwide which are connected to my ESET- server when the license expires.. Of course there are a LOT of computers without Internet connection by policy and by network structure.. Maybe we can change the policy to enable Internet connection for about one or two days, but changing the network structure just for activating ESET ?? Is there any other solution possible, like extend the license with the same key for example.. ? Or any kind of offline reactivation like the KMS- service from Microsoft ... ?
  4. Good morning! One other question regarding (re-) activation of installed products.. Is there any reactivation of the installed ESET 6 product necessary after a given time (once per year for example) ? Because we have a lot of computers here, which have not Internet- access anymore (denied by domain- policy), after they have been delivered to the user.
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