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  1. Dear support, Currently, our company using Arch Linux, so I wanna ask to do Eset support Arch Linux?
  2. Hello Teams, Can Eset create a rule to detect attackers who use one user login fails on 3 computers at the same time?
  3. As I see those applications installed on C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Zoom
  4. Dear Teams, I'm trying to config the Eset Agent to report non-ESET-installed application. unfortunately all application show up but some of them does not appear, specifically like Zoom (https://zoom.us/) and Zalo (https://zalo.me/) application. Plz help me to advise in this situation.
  5. Dear All, I'm looking the document that can show that our ESET FS for linux support Solaris OS 11.X or later. Any one have the documents?
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