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  1. I tried this and it does not fix the problem, for me. I have to toggle Thunderbird back to Ignore, in order to download emails. The odd thing is that Mailwasher continues to work just fine.
  2. If I change it back to Auto, it is still not downloading any emails. I am not sure where that version number is shown - I have Internet Security updated at 11:22 this morning.
  3. Marcos - I apologize - I had not clicked the last Okay after setting it to Ignore. I am able to download new emails. I will try resetting it to Auto.
  4. I seem to also be having this problem. I have 3 email accounts, and Thunderbird stopped downloading new emails. Mailwasher however is still working. I disabled email scanning in general, and my work email started working, but not my Gmail or Verizon accounts. I tried the above suggestion to ignore Thunderbird in the SSL/TLS applications, and it does work for me now.
  5. I have Thunderbird set up for 3 different accounts, and all of them stopped downloading new email, at the same time. I temporarily disabled the email protection in ESET Internet Security, and one of them did download email, but the other two did not. What can I do to get things working again?
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