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  1. You miss my point. I fixed my issue by turning filtering off. And then immediately turning it on again. That's a bug.
  2. Today my Win 10/Thunderbird 78.5.0 stopped working, specifically unable to log on to my ISP or Google because the User Name wasn't being transmitted on logon. Works fine restarting in Safe Mode but that's a diagnostic rather than a work around. Eventually after 1/2 day pottering around forums I switched off SSL filtering and then switched it back on. All is now well. My question is why should I have to? ESET is a fine AV but most of your customers aren't either interested or competent to mess around with SSL filtering. It's a bug. Say so and fix it.
  3. I have a similar but different problem. Specifically ESET is blocking my ISP logon, hence my email Client (Thunderbird) never gets to download. I've bypassed ESET by starting in Safe mode but that's too much of a hassle. How to I lighten whatever is stopping the transmission of my User I/d?
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