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  1. Thank you @itman it worked! Thank you for your insane Support! EDIT: There is no node js folder, file etc. on my PC.
  2. How can i delete Node js? Can you help me there @itman and can you tell me what node js is good for? And i will also buy a license after my free month
  3. @Marcos it worked so Eset no longer recognizes a threat after starting the computer. Thank you! ❤️ And @itman also thanks for your all Support! If there is another problem or something similar, I will get back to you here in this post
  4. Hey @Marcos in the picture you can see the node js tasks. What should i do next?
  5. @Marcos where can i remove these tasks? And can you tell me what node js should be used for? Because my friends haven´t Node js in programm files
  6. Now i downloaded the Eset Log Collector @Marcos. What should i do next?
  7. Ok thanks @itman so what should i do next so i can fix this problem?
  8. At first. thank you for your answer @itman! How can i check if a programm use Node Js? The Path C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\npm is empty. But in C:\Program Files\nodejs are many files, documents etc. Should i delete the node js folder or what should i do?
  9. No, if i start/restart my pc the file is every time new here but it create every time a new file name.
  10. And now @Marcos? The threat is still here. What should i do?
  11. @peteyt it already delete the file so i cant send it to the email adress. What should i do?
  12. HI Marcos. thanks for your answer. Its not a Programm, its a file. I think its any kind of a trojan. In the following pictures, you can see it. Here is the detecting log: Zeit;Scanner;Objekttyp;Objekt;Erkennung;Aktion;Benutzer;Information;Hash;Zuerst hier gesehen 28.11.2020 11:19:16;Echtzeit-Dateischutz;Datei;C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ec4b3ab6-14a3-3a24-522c-23f67832b6d1\e4afb5cd-2616-2ade-b688-275bb99d0281.exe;eine Variante von Win32/Packed.Themida.HFL Trojaner;durch Löschen gesäubert;NT-AUTORITÄT\SYSTEM;Ereignis beim Erstellen einer neuen Datei durch die Anwendung: C:\Program Files (x86)\n
  13. Hi everyone, when i start my Pc, the ESET Programm delete the Win32/Packed.Themida.HFL Can someone help me to fix it?
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