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  1. thank you, i see... so there's no way to update without PROTECT server?
  2. Hi, need to configure updates with username/password for EFS? can't find efs.cfg file like it was in Esets /etc/opt/eset/esets/esets.cfg /opt/eset/esets/etc/esets.cfg thanks
  3. Hi, Is eset GPO agent deployment silent? Or is there a way to make it silent? thanks
  4. Hi, after upgrade to PROTECT 8, an Apache proxy server shows only FQDNs without details, IPs or agent status. Most of the proxy connections are shown as rogue pcs. Please, help
  5. Hi, please, help agent installation fails Centos 7 from ESMC script or by running agent_linux_x86_64.sh -- Failed reading database. 1201: Error '2' occurred while reading database: Current locale settings are invalid -- thanks
  6. thanks, we have a different business account. I was able to solve it. by updating both esets.cfg files with username/password /etc/opt/eset/esets/esets.cfg /opt/eset/esets/etc/esets.cfg
  7. thanks, this way i get "invalid username and/or password". etc/opt/eset/esets/esets.cfg i have added username and password, and still get this
  8. sudo /opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_update --server=eu-update.eset.com Bad link to update server. sudo /opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_update --server= Bad link to update server. this what i get
  9. thanks, but how do i force it to update from update.eset.com for example?
  10. Hi, how do i config Eset File Security 4.5.16 to update from the eset servers (ESMC not available)? Oracle Linux 7.9 Is mirrortool the only option? thanks
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