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  1. I have Parental Controls on my son's PC and it can be a bit excessive to manage. Especially since it classifies everything as malicious. microsoft.com - Malicious - Blocked bing.com - Malicious - Blocked spotify.com - Malicious - Blocked live.com - Malicious - Blocked roblox.com - Malicious - Blocked xbox.com - Malicious - Blocked gstatic.com - Malicious - Blocked digicert.com - Malicious - Blocked c'mon, this is getting ridiculous. I can't keep adding every site as an exception. Why would it be so aggressively categorizing things as malicious.
  2. I need to re-install my sons computer which means re-installing Eset afterwards. How can I backup all the exceptions lists that I've curated over time? Especially the parental-control and SSL bypass stuff. The last time I did this I ended up manually adding them all in line-by-line again and I would like to avoid that. Is there a .dat file or something I can copy? Thanks
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