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  1. Just to give an update after a while it became obvious that the solution above only worked intermittently and on occasion the eset icon wouldn't be visible. In the end I bit the bullet and did a reinstall, it's been a couple of days and so far the eset icon continues to be accessible on the panel. Regards Christopher
  2. The eset icon is now visible, every time I start the laptop. What I did was right click at the very bottom of the panel, on the right hand side under the widgets (software update, volume, etc.) and selected configure system tray. Under entries I changed the visibility for the eset icon from 'shown when relevant' to 'always shown'. Regards Christopher
  3. Hi Marcos My problem is a bit different, I have openSUSE 15.2 installed on both the PC and laptop. The PC is fine but the laptop is a bit flakey. Since I installed virtualbox (through YAST2 so it should be the correct version for 15.2) the NOD32 icon isn't visible on the taskbar, it does virus updates automatically in the background, so I know it's running but I can't select it and do virus checks when I want. Now the strange thing is if I restart the laptop, then NOD32 appears and runs as normal. The product version is: I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter.
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