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  1. yum remove esets and redeploy with current esets worked for me now (probably only until auto update triggers...)
  2. Hi, same here.. esets started to fail after today's update... Nov 19 15:28:30 mx2 esets_daemon[35373]: debug[8a2d0000]: Start Antivirus modules update ... Nov 19 15:29:24 mx2 esets_daemon[35372]: error[8a270000]: Child process esets_daemon[65332] did not handle signal 11, restart in 0 seconds Nov 19 15:29:24 mx2 esets_daemon[65342]: debug[ff3e0000]: Server is listening on /tmp/esets.sock.1202801592 Nov 19 15:29:27 mx2 esets_daemon[35372]: debug[8a270000]: Sessions processing done Nov 19 15:29:27 mx2 esets_daemon[35372]: debug[8a270000]: Waiting for child processes... Nov 19 15:29:27 m
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