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  1. This product also appears be a part of ESET PROTECT Entry and can't be purchased solely.
  2. Thanks, I was also doing research on the available products. This product appears to be the best match: https://www.eset.com/in/business/endpoint-antivirus-windows/ So, my question is, if I make a purchase of 5 Devices 1 Year, will I be able to use the same license for 5 years as I will be using it for only 1 device? OR, the entire license will expire after 1 year regardless of how many devices the license was attached to?
  3. Hello Community, I plan on deploying a new windows VM for special use case. It will not have any network connectivity; nor do I plan to provide. I wish to use ESET on that VM (only AV product). Since the VM will not have internet connectivity, what are available product options I have that I can configure for offline update/activation? I will be using it for only one device.
  4. I am running into the similar problem. When I was searching for ESET Firewall wildcard support, I landed on this thread. I hope that this request gets escalated.
  5. Are you talking about the option Direction? As per documentation, this option is for connection direction, not traffic direction. Where exactly I can specify Inbound/Outbound traffic direction?
  6. Is it possible to configure ESET firewall to block outgoing traffic for a specific process but allow incoming traffic?
  7. Description: ESET Firewall as a standalone product Detail: There's a lack of decent firewalls in the market of Windows Operating Systems. Most software available rely on Windows built-in firewall as their backend. Having ESET Firewall available as a standalone product would greatly benefit those consumers who want to use ESET as their firewall solution and they currently don't have a use case scenario for running any other security modules.
  8. I believe it is because of the hard-coded behavior to display only these three tools until user clicks on More tools. Window size isn't part of the equation. This behavior is counter-intuitive. This request should be filed as an improvement to UI/UX, so that we can have a response from development team. What's your say on this?
  9. Everytime I click on Tools, I have to click on More tools to make all the tools visible. Is it possible to keep all the tools visible persistently without having to click on More tools? See the attached screenshot.
  10. I was able to resolve the issue using below steps: 1. Enable protocol filtering back to enable web access settings. 2. Disable web access. 3. Disable protocol filtering.
  11. I understand the risk and responsibility. I have already disabled the appropriate application status, but it still displays one red message. See the attached image. I don't want to see this red message as I have disabled it on my own accord and I fully understand the implications. If this is predicted behavior then I will have to switch to NOD32 and will have to look for alternate firewall solution. Firewall is the only network component I use in Eset Internet Security.
  12. Hi, I am using Eset Internet Security. I have disabled web access protection intentionally and disabled the respected application status as well. Yet, in the dashboard, I still see 1 red message under Setup tab.
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