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  1. That's embarrassing. I thought I looked carefully and now I see the ports. Thank you (for not making fun of me)!
  2. Ya, but I don't think anyone has done the work to figure out what ports Teams uses. Also, it might be that malware traverses those ports too. Or, Microsoft adds a port without telling anyone. I have a ticket with Microsoft and they are refusing tell me what ports and protocols their app uses.
  3. Yes, I'm wondering about the same. I tried to put /Applications/Microsoft Teams.app/*, but I guess it doesn't like *s.
  4. Based on some early reports, this might be working! Thank you so much!
  5. Thank you so much! I'll try this immediately and report back!
  6. This does not work. Users are still have constant dropped Teams calls. With the Firewall completely off, it's perfect.
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