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  1. I followed the instructions by ArtNie and autofeel and both of us now have working email again! Thank you~
  2. We've updated to the 1414 module, and it hasn't made any difference I'm afraid.
  3. Hi Marcos, That definitely helped. I've attached it here! Not sure if this helps but we got this message from the log collector: "epfwuser.dat file not found or could not be opened." Thanks Lisa eis_logs.zip
  4. Hi Marcos, Done, finally. Though we've ended up with a 2 GB file size. Are there things we should be unchecking in the advanced logging maybe? Thanks Lisa
  5. Thank you for replying~ It's an ISP (TPG Telecom in Australia) email provider. So I'm assuming that's not 'public'? They use STARTTLS. And we both have the 'Block Encrypted communication...' shown above selected. I should have mentioned we use IMAP, if that changes anything (We have found one difference in our setups. I'm on Win 10 Home, hers is Win 10 Pro. I've no idea if that can make a difference!)
  6. The new update of Thunderbird caused us a few issues, but after resolving those, we're stuck with one we can't fathom. My partner and I both use ESET Internet Security (Both have version and the same version of Thunderbird (78.4.0 32 Bit) We also both connect to the same mail server. I have no problems getting my email. My partner, on the other hand, gets stuck a 'fetching email'. The only way for her to actually fetch email is to briefly disable ESET's 'Email Protection'. We've gone through the configurations for both the Email Protection and the Firewall
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