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  1. Thank you! I was able to get the installer to complete and now have a functioning ESMC server! I marked your last post as the answer; however, there were two different issues that were causing the installer to fail. Below is a quick summary of the issues and their resolution: 1. As you suggested in a previous post, setting SELINUX to "Permissive" resolved the issue where the installer script was returning the following message: "Error: Unknown database driver or data source name (DSN)" After setting SEL to permissive and rebooting, this error went away. 2. After resolving issue #
  2. Alright, it looks like we may be getting somewhere! I set SELINUX to permissive mode and now it looks like the Server installation is able to connect to the MySQL DB; however, I am getting a different error now (User Login Failed invalid credentials provided). I assume this is in reference to the MySQL user account. I am able to connect to the MySQL database using the same credentials I provided in the script so I am not sure what is gong on. For example, using the command mysql -u root -p allows me to connect to the MySQL instance without issue. Do I need to create a separate DB user and us
  3. Thanks! I did indeed follow the instructions in your first link. For the ODBC connector, I could not find any actual step by step instructions for installing the connector. I just went to the MYSQL Community Downloads site and downloaded the ODBC 5.3.10 version. I used the RPM -i command to install the package. This is where I received an error regarding the dependencies. Thank you for the info! I checked that log file and below is what is displayed. NOTE: I edited the hostname for privacy purposes. From what I can tell the error message is similar to what is shown on screen
  4. Hi everyone I have been frustratingly trying to get the ESMC server installed on CentOS 7. I think I was eventually able to get through the instructions but I am running into a problem I cannot seem to fix. I am attempting to run the following installation script (I have sanitized it by removing my hostname and IP) sudo ./server-linux-x86_64.sh \ --skip-license \ --db-driver=MySQL \ --db-hostname=my.hostname.com \ --db-port=3306 \ --db-admin-username=root \ --db-admin-password=mypass \ --server-root-password=mypass \ --db-user-username=root \ --db-user-password=my
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