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  1. Is anyone going to look into this, or should I give up on ESET completely?
  2. I did an reinstall after configuring my PC according to instructions, and after restart again the same things happen. I ran Eset Sysinspector and then executed manual crash and generated quite large mem dump which i ZIP-ed and uploaded to Gdrive. Hope this can shed some light to you. Interestingly, I am writing this now after this manual crash and restart and system seams ok while ESET is reporting that "Device control is not fully functional", could this device control be the culprit? Thank you for all the help. SysInspector-NIX-DESKTOP-201106-111717.zip
  3. Thank you for your reply, I will do the steps you described and get back to you with information.
  4. Hello, After recent update to ma ESS v13.2.16.0 my PC started behaving weird, first few minutes it got really slow, than I couldn't start Task manager (ctr+alt+del, nothing happens), most of my icons become blank on desktop, I couldn't open control panel to try to uninstall anything. I started to suspect to Eset because it was the only app that got updated in last few days that while I didn't install anything. I had to hard reset my system only to boot it up again with same bugs that seam to basically freeze most of systems in WIN 10. I had to go to Safe mode and had to use esetuninstall
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