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  1. I just tested on my laptop and there is no slowdown issue with ESET's active secure browser option. that's all on my tower. Weird that ... Happy new year 2021.
  2. I just tested on my laptop and there is no slowdown issue with ESET's active secure browser option. that's all on my tower. Weird that ... Happy new year 2021.
  3. no I have just retested the problem is of course on ALL browsers namely: chrome, firefox, opera and edge
  4. first on these security options there are problems indeed it is not all the time when I go to a banking site that it redirects me to the ESET secure browser (although I configure it in the settings as URL for secure browsers). That's why I put the secure option on all browsers because there is no more problem. Except that recently my browsers are slowing down a lot and I understood that it came from when I disabled this option (secure all browsers). For uninstallation, I saw that Google Chrome uninstalled itself because it can’t start!
  5. Hello, Eset seems to have a problem with the security of all browsers (see image of parameters in FR sorry) As proof, when I deactivate this option, the internet browser starts up in 1/4 of a second while when it is activated, it takes 2 to 3 minutes to start an internet browser. boring by force. It also often bugs and becomes unresponsive. I even had a case where it got uninstalled! otherwise I love eset, I would try to give you a feedback on this brilliant antivirus (to improve it of course). Thank you
  6. yes updating through beta update servers fixed the notification issue.
  7. I didn't do it and I would rather not do it. But I will update it and give you the answer within 2 hours
  8. I am on the latest version of eset internet security and it may have been more than 3 weeks since I have this notification. So I am waiting for the update of eset. I can't download the file from your link :
  9. Hello, I have this error recently on eset and it remains very vague for me. I attach you the screen in French and the link which must surely be in English for you. Thank you in advance. link : https://support.eset.com/en/kb332-ports-and-addresses-required-to-use-your-eset-product-with-a-third-party-firewall
  10. I wanted to discharge because it would surely serve others. I no longer use this network. But 4 months ago he served me for some recovery. I have desinstallese este to succeed to connect. A little ambetant : ( I almost changed antivirus but eset is the best. suddenly I have 2 : ) on the other hand for the problem of bug on the interface when eset blocks a network
  11. eset blocks all the flow that passes. In fact the free wifi network (which is a French operator) allows its users to connect to a public network of a freebox (therefore the network is not secure because the user of the freebox can see all the flow that circulates there on its box) see picture 1 best explication: https://free.fr/assistance/2303.html Another error that I encountered on internet security when a network is BLOCKED and that we try to see in the protection of the network then in the troubleshooting help: it bugs VERY often when we try to modify the time slot: 5
  12. no this comes from eset because without eset connecting to free wifi is possible
  13. Hi, on eset it is impossible to connect to the free wifi network and even by disabling in network configuration the fire it is impossible to access this link: https: //wifi.free.fr/? url = http: // www .msftconnecttest.com / redirect to connect to the public network. it is perhaps a parameter that I have activated in eset internet security. Thank you for your reply in advance.
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