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  1. Any thoughts on this issue? Or is there a bug reporting database I should be entering this into? mike
  2. I started using the new-to-me EIS Secured Browser for financial transactions and I noticed that print scaling is missing. On a non-ESET secured Chrome browser, I get the following functionality I print copies of my financial transactions and frequently have to use the scaling feature to reduce the receipt down to one-page in order to save paper. What are your plans to fix this? mike
  3. And if the GUI is not open, it just blocks my view. I was in the middle of working and then it popped up. I did not open the NOD32 GUI. Why not have the ability to minimize the popup, especially a modal dialog?
  4. Regarding #2, the popup that was displayed to me is the second one that you've posted in your reply Note that it does not have a minimize icon (underscore). After I selected "Yes (recommended)", it just blindly installed some software, not giving me any idea of what it just installed. It did not "offered a list of available products."
  5. Hello, I came here for four reasons after receiving the "Change to a product with more features" popup. 1. To make sure it is a legit popup from my NOD32 ANTIVIRUS 2. To complain that it is a modal popup dialog, preventing me to see behind it while I figure out what is going on. Did it really have to be modal? 3. On that popup, there is a "Learn more about this message" link, which it turns out does not give more information about "Change to a product with more features" 4. The popup just asks "Do you want to change product?" Yes or No. It does not say what product I w
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