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  1. @Marcos, sorry for the delay. I have just PM'd you a GDrive link to my "6.xml" file. Regards, Stephen
  2. shockpoint, are you therefore saying that you get the same persistent errors reported and request to reboot which doesn't clear, except on a) ESET Internet Security and b) on ? If so, then may or may not be the same issue. Might be worth submitting dumps as per Marcos' post above, given some of the differences, if I'm interpreting correctly. FYI, I did submit dumps via PM to him just after my post above indicating I had issues doing so.
  3. Thankyou Marcus for your Reply. Unfortunately though, I can't do that. When I go to ESET NOD32 Antivirus > Setup > Advanced Setup > Diagnostics , I selected Dump type = Full (I wasn't sure how verbose you needed it to be), then clicked "Create" (diagnostic dump). It seemed to chug away for a while, that bit seemed fine. But I can't locate the dump. There is an "Open" link beside "Open diagnostics folder". Instead of going to the diagnostics path, it simply goes to "Computer" (ie: where you see your local C drive etc). So I tried to navigate to the path listed above
  4. Having the same issue here. Currently on v14.0.22.0 . Which means it auto-updated some time this week (sorry, didn't notice). ESET Antivirus Home screen has two red messages (interestingly the red number circle 'badge' beside "Home" has "3" but only two action items are listed) : 1) Computer restart required - ESET NOD32 Antivirus has been updated to a more recent version. In order to ensure maxium protection, computer restart is required for all changes to take effect <Restart computer blue link> 2) Real-time file system protection is non-functional - This functionality
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