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  1. I did in the past had a craked software which now i have the original copy. I know that is a crack left over but I wondering why it does find it out but not remove it
  2. Hello, I set up the idle scan but once it identify a potential unsafe application it does not ask me if I want to keep it or remove it. Am i setting something wrong? why does not ask me what action I would like to take?
  3. Hello Marcos, I dont actually have a specific issue. But since I have a gaming laptop which I mainly use for gaming I am always willing to find the best way to maximize performance. I know that ESET real time scanner because of its nature it can slows down processes. I am wondering if there is some optimization that can be done in the setting to avoid that eset scanner could negativelly affect gaming performace.
  4. Hello everyone, I was looking at the performance and processes esclusions option and I was wondering if it makes sence to ad to both exclusions the game .exe and the game folder to minimize ESET overhead while gaming, Should i use both exclusion settings, only one or no one? Thank you in advance!!!
  5. Hello, could somebody tell me in waht folder are the logs saved? Thank you!
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