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  1. OK, first let me roll out my cred. I'm a Software Engineer/applications programmer/Sr. Statistical Programmer with more than 40 years of programming and pc building experience. I have specialized in software quality control and software validation, so I know how to debug and be methodical. I wish it was just a hardware issue, but the problem only occurs after I've booted into Windows and not when I boot into Linux. I always boot into the bios first to see how it's doing, and the issue affects both the mouse and the keyboard in that I can't access the section of the bios options
  2. Hi folks: Thanks so much for the replies - sorry for the delay, very busy. So, for Marcos. I've captured two videos that show the behavior of the bios when the hack is active, and when it is not. The hack is active once I boot into win10, and the bios becomes stable when I then reboot to a Ubuntu DVD and then restart into Ubuntu on my hard drive. 1) Hacked bios with cursor jumping around in the section to select the boot drive. I have to madly click the mouse until I luck out and can select the DVD as the boot device: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWYTUGhec-w
  3. Please tell me if there is a better sub-forum for this post - thanks! I recently installed ESET Internet Security on two of my desktop pc's running Win10 in hopes that I can salvage these machines from a BIOS based hack that has brought them to their knees: 1) a quad-core i7 with non-UEFI bios running Win10, and 2) a hex-core i7 with UEFI bios running a dual boot between Ubuntu Linux and Win10 (dual-boot set up from Ubuntu) I also have a UEFI-bios i5 laptop that's the virus has killed at this point. The hex-core pc is running only if I boot to Ubuntu. I had installed the t
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