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  1. Yup. Changed the value and now agent hostname defaults to the new string value.
  2. I believe I found my answer. Changing the tbl_servers.server_identificator from the SQL database. Will report back if this actually works and any issues that comes with it, if any.
  3. The answer I was looking for was to go to Tasks\Server Tasks\Delete Not Connecting Computers. This allows me to remove and delicense the computers not connected for x amount of days. Thanks
  4. The default installation for ESET forces all agent installations to use the server name as the hostname for agent installations. This would be OK for local deployments, however, for remote deployments, every time an agent needs to be deployed, we would manually need to change the agent hostname to the IP or the domain name of the ESET console. How do I change this permanently as we ONLY do remote deployments?
  5. The computers were removed using "3. Remove computer from database" option. There is no mention of licenses when you try to manually remove the computer.
  6. We are currently in the process of having the EBA portal set up I believe but without that, is that not possible?
  7. So, before finding "Delete not connecting computers" task, I have removed a bunch of computers from the SMC by just "Remove Device". This doesn't seem to update the license information so they seem to take up allocation rom the number of licenses. Does running the "Delete not connecting computers" task remove those computers too or am I doomed?
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