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  1. That's because Amazon is a seller, not a manufacturer of the microwave. It I bought Windows, it doesn't matter where I bought it or who I bought it from, as long as the key is legit, I can always contact Microsoft directly and get support from them directly. Microsoft would never tell me to "contact the seller to receive support for Windows". After your explanation, I understand that ESET works differently, but such approach is very user-unfriendly, especially because you do not allow someone from Lithuania to purchase a key directly from you. So if I want to purchase an ESET product with
  2. Many people in this very thread agreed with me that the communication of the Lithuanian ESET representative was inappropriate, and I don't understand why you STILL keep defending them and trying to argue they did nothing wrong. They DID accuse me: 5:55:18 PM‎ Consultant: that's not your license 5:55:39 PM‎ Consultant: looks like a pirated key Because it IS my license, it is active at this moment on the computer I am on, literally right now. They refused to help me several times: 1. 6:00:42 PM‎ Me: Can you send me a link to information about how keys are delegated
  3. Then it would be a Lithuanian key, and I would still need to deal with the rude and unhelpful Lithuanian support if I ever had any problem. That's why I wanted to purchase directly from eset.com, so I could work with someone who doesn't automatically treat me as a criminal. To reiterate, the main point of my post was not keys, licenses, license prices, or sellers (legitimate or not), it was the rude behavior of Lithuanian ESET support representative.
  4. The problem was that they accused me of piracy and refused to provide me information. I did want to purchase a new license in Lithuania, that's literally why I contacted them. I changed my mind because they insulted me and refused to help me. I don't know why that's so hard to understand.
  5. I agree, and like I wrote in my previous comment, all of this could have been easily avoided:
  6. In reality it's the opposite of what you claim, especially with Microsoft. There was a case in my country started by the government against people who downloaded pirated/cracked Windows versions. Microsoft wanted nothing to do with it and the government lost the case. Also, several years ago (actually more like 15 years ago), Microsoft was giving out legit licenses to anyone who provided them a pirated Windows CD and disclosed where they purchased it from (i.e. you could bring a pirated Windows CD to Microsoft and they would give you a legit Windows license). This happened in my country (
  7. This is how it SHOULD have went: Consultant: Hello, how can I help you? 5:52:56 PM‎ Me: Hello, I wanted to renew my ESET internet security license. On the website it's written that when renewing a license, the new license should be cheaper, but on the last step the price remains the same as when buying a new license, e.g. 92.37€ for three years. 5:53:55 PM‎ Consultant: Can you please let me know your current key? 5:54:10 PM‎ Me: EAV-********** [edited] 5:54:32 PM‎ Me: License ID: ***-***-*** [edited] 5:55:18 PM‎ Consultant: Oh no, it looks like this key was activated several times, while
  8. I tried to purchase a key today from eset.lt. They refused to help me and accused me of being a pirate (this is how this thread started). Don't be surprised that people seek other distributors to purchase keys from (and in the process purchase keys from illegitimate distributors), if you insult and turn away customers who literally came to you with the intent of making an immediate purchase.
  9. The license is valid, it's literally still active on the computer I am typing from. It should not be customers responsibility to figure out whether reseller is legit or not. If I bought a key, entered it into software downloaded from eset.com, and the software accepted the key as legit (without me using any cracks or additional software or modifications), then, as far as I'm concerned, the key is legit, because there's literally no way for me to know that it's supposedly reused. ESET should focus on closing down these illegitimate key resellers and/or disallowing such keys to be registere
  10. I disagree, I would say it was unreasonable and inappropriate, but I don't think that by continuing to chat here anyone will help me, so I will be leaving. Everyone else can read this thread and decide for themselves whether such behavior was reasonable or not.
  11. The price on eset.com and eset.lt is almost identical, so I don't think VAT has anything do to with this. On eset.com (Internet Security, 3 years): $109.98 = 93.04 EUR On eset.lt (Internet Security, 3 years): 92.37 EUR Therefore on eset.com it's even slightly more expensive, so I don't see the issue for ESET if I pay more, not less.
  12. I was not talking about you, I was talking about ESET Lithuania consultant.
  13. They claimed that, but previously they have written: 5:55:18 PM‎ Consultant: that's not your license 5:55:39 PM‎ Consultant: looks like a pirated key So claiming "I did not accuse you of piracy" was absurd and false.
  14. I'm not going to purchase from someone who insulted me when I tried to get customer support. Why do you then allow your local distributors to insult people if you also not allow people to purchase from different distributors? I am NOT purchasing from someone who accused me of being a "pirate". If there is no possibility for me to legally buy the key from a different distributor, then I would rather buy a different Antivirus, even though I used ESET for years and recommended it to everyone who asked me about antivirus software.
  15. So are you not going to help me to solve this? All I want is a key purchased from ESET where I would not be insulted when I try to get customer support. Can you help me achieve that please?
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