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  1. Thank you, Planet. Since installing ESET software, the only device I have connected to this Mac are USB flash drives. I do use a LaCie backup external drive and Time Machine -- but only when I connect it to the computer. This is not something that happens automatically. I am concerned about someone cloning this system and doing a backup without my knowledge. Is there any way to detect some sort of hidden mirroring? Thank you!
  2. When I click the Computer Scan icon, it immediately opens Custom Scan. In the window under Profile, items are listed with a checkbox to show what is being scanned. If I connect a Flash Drive, it appears in the list under Macintosh HD, which always has a checkbox and is always scanned. On a few occasions, "Boot OS X" appeared below Macintosh HD with its own arrow and checkbox. I did not connect anything to the computer when this happened; not even my flash drive. Why did "Boot OS X" appear and what was ESET picking up? What does this reference? Please note that in the attached snapshots, I did attach a flash drive (Untitled/Twollog). However, I have attached this same flash drive without Boot OS X showing up, so the appearance of Boot OS X is a separate issue. Thank you
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