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  1. The only reason I copied it on the network share was because I was not 100% certain if RDT is able to copy it or not and I was just testing the software before the company-wide rollout. Absolutely nothing happened. The tool gave me a Success status but nothing was happening on the client computer itself, including no devices on the ECA page. I ended up just figuring it out and it was an error on my end. I trusted the tool when it told me it was successful and didn't think about running Wireshasrk to see what was going on. So after running Wireshark today I noticed that I was getting
  2. Hello, I am trying to deploy ESET Endpoint Protection domain-wide (local domain) using the Remote Deployment Tool provided by Eset. Here are the steps I took: Created an AIO installer from my ESET ECA page and downloaded it Downloaded the Remote Deployment Tool Moved the AIO installer on a share that all computers have access to in case that matters Followed the steps in the RDT and selected a test computer using the Active Directory method For the deployment method I selected "Built-in" Result: The installation status goes through the following
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