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  1. I didn't understand. Win 7 SHA-2 updates are still avaible by Windows Update now? If yes, for how long (I need a firm date!)? If no, I must download them from Microsoft Catalog, right? Thanks.
  2. I can't upload OS because my laptop doesn't support Windows 10. Can SHA-2 updates ends?
  3. So, It's better change antivirus immediately?
  4. Good morning. I have ESET NOD32 installed on Windows 7. There is this alarm: "This product will no longer be supported on your outdated Microsoft Windows version. Shortly, your device will no longer be protected." I wanted to know if there is a certain date for the end of protection on Windows 7. Thank you.
  5. Good morning. I'm trying to renew my ESET NOD32 licence in https://www.eset.com/it/support/renew/ page. When I select the country (I'm in Italy) and I confirm the process, there is this error: "GeoIp detection failed. Please refresh and try again." I trying to refresh but doesn't work. How can I fix? Thank you.
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