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  1. Maybe there is something I am missing, but my scheduled custom report to generate a CSV generates a file that uses semicolons to separate values and not commas. My manager asked me to create an automated process to identify any servers in our enterprise that are not registered with our ERA server. To do this, I created a custom report containing a list of the computers registered with our ESET Remote Administrator and their operating system. I expected this CSV to actually contain Comma Separated Values. Somehow, it does not. The values are instead using semicolons as the delimiters. When i use the powershell cmdlet Import-CSV to read the CSV data into an array of objects, it doesn't see the columns that should be there. It only sees one column with a header/name that contains the names of all the columns in the report separated by semicolons. It is easy enough for me to work around this by splitting what PowerShell sees as a single string value at every semicolon, but makes me wonder if there is a reason the CSV selection doesn't actually generate a CSV file. Is this configurable? If so, how? Thanks!
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