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  1. It seems the timeout for dialog to disappear is 15 minutes. After the 4th scan I finally got the information I needed. Strangely, during the rescans it counted the threats known from the previous scans, but it didn't show the threat dialog for them after the scan. With disabled automatic healing it didn't put the files to quarantine and it seems there was no way for me to get the file paths/names of the suspicious files. I had to reboot the machine, restart the scan and monitor the scan progress and be fast enough to hit the 15 minutes interval when the scan finishes. Then I got the data. It seem the live grid works, because after the 4th scan the report from heuristic for suspicious files was much shorter than from the 1st scan and there was finally only one threat reported which also looks like false positive. Overally, it seems good, but this auto-closing feature is really strange.
  2. Thanks for reply. In the meantime I missed the dialog second time (I was outside of house), so running the scan third time
  3. Hi, I used SysRescue to scan my disks, it run for several hours. It found some suspicious yet unknown possible threats and I wanted to report them. What was my surprise that the dialog with the paths to the suspicious files was auto-closed after the short time. I assumed that I could find the paths of the suspicious files in the logs, but I was wrong, the only thing I was able to find in the logs: "Service daemon: timeout expired while waiting for action window response." The scan is now running for the second time and I will take screenshot of the result window content. To be honest this is quite useless design, why the window with the results auto-closes if there are some threats found? It also seems that the auto-close timeout cannot be disabled nor changed in the options (or I wasn't able to find such option).
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