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  1. Hello, Does anybody realize integration ESA with Cisco ISE? the question is: Can we add the second factor ESA to additional protection of clients CISCO AnyConnect, who identify with CISCO ISE, using protocol MS Chap2?
  2. Peter, thank you very much! And where i can find information about technical aspects: API Settings, Yara rules, description of statuses, schedule of information update and so on
  3. Hello, Is there any news about ETI services documents?
  4. Hi everybody! I look through the MITRE results. Good JOB! do you have plans to include Linux detections?
  5. Thank you! And how about reports, documentation and etc. about this service to study? Especially, about correlation with different APT and MITRE?
  6. Hi everybody! Why there is no topic about ETI???? I'm very interested in this service. Where I can know more about it? is there any information about APT in reports or context?
  7. Michalj, Thanks, the information is very useful! I try to follow each ESET activity. it would be great if you can real cases and roadmap of developing the EEI. More information - more customers! looking forward to the end of MITRE testing
  8. @michalj Thank you for your answer. I mean referencing real life users of ESET EDR solution.
  9. Hi, Marcos, Can you guide me where to find real use cases EEI in the organizations round the world? I find only common information about ESET's customers on different sites, but it is not clear who integrated EEI
  10. Michalj, thank you for your answer/ It is a very good news! Maybe you can declassify a little bit more features that are in development? We miss the news about improvement!
  11. Marcos, Thanks for a quick answer! I mean, do you plan to organize automatic actions according to the broken rules?
  12. Good Day, Marcos! Do you know smth about developing Automated Response in EEI? Maybe you know some other future changes?
  13. So, that's the point. I try to find, for example, such a configuration of settings of AV, that can react to the threats to ESET's capabilities!
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