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  1. please answer me , my organization need that data @Marcos
  2. please answer me , my organization need that data
  3. hi my eei console has a lot of logs i want send all of these to syslog server. how do i can? i previously set syslog server config in esmc setting but just logs esmc send to my syslog not eei reports
  4. Yes EEI server and EEI db server install on different server For db EEI set 128gb ram and 8 cors cpu and for EEI server i set 32gb ram and 4 cores cpu Generally i have 4 servers 2 servers for ESMC and DB 2 servers for EEI server and DB
  5. Yes we use Enterprise Inspector server. How can I prevent this kind of effect?
  6. Dear Marcos Thanks for the reply Please help me where to go to open the ticket Also please explain if there is anything I can do
  7. yes i check that link before and My hardware resources are much more than these minimums How many clients connect to the ESET PROTECT server? 1500 clients What type of db is used? i used Microsoft SQL server enterprise Is the db on the same or another separate server? separate server What is the hw configuration of the server(s)? for db server i set 32gb ram and 4 core cpu for eset server i set 32gb ram and 8 core cpu What is the disk IOPs on the server(s)? db disk IOPs is : unlimited - SSD ESMC Disk IOPs is : unlimited - SSD Are any other resource-intensive services running on the server(s)? no just Eset Enterprise Server Agent Did you apply any extra policy on clients, such as a Web Control rule that logs all visited websites? No, I Double Check Now And No Extra Logs set in policy's
  8. hi My Server (ESET Protect Server) fills all of my server RAM after 3 hours and then shuts down the service automatically I tried many ways including: 1- Disconnect the modules Eset File Security 2- Cleaning the software Eset File Security 3- Add server RAM up to 32 GB Please Help us thanks
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