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    BrianMorris received kudos from MichalJ in Options in "Computer Preview"   
    That's cool that we can customize this -- I didn't realize that. I see that more options have been added:

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    BrianMorris received kudos from MichalJ in Check which workstations need updates   
    Thanks for the response! Ok, I re-read what you posted above and you gave me some hints. I found that I can click on the outdated Agent version and click "Update installed ESET products..." and then just tell it to upgrade all of those agents. This is a huge help.

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    BrianMorris gave kudos to Marcos in Info on which website caused Eset to take action   
    If you are referring to email notifications sent by Endpoint, I recall there are plans to improve them. You can ask for desired improvements via your local ESET distributor who will then report it further to ESET HQ. The more people request a feature that is reasonable and can be implemented, the higher chance it will be implemented.
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