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  1. Any concerns with scheduling the restart for the ESET version update during a Windows patch window? Our clients are used to specific patch nights. So it's not a shock when they come in for work and see their PC rebooted during a specific day, say Wednesday morning. Basically is there any harm scheduling the ESET need to restart to occur during a windows restart due to windows patching? Will applying windows patching during an ESET upgrade from 7.3 to 8.0 cause any conflicts or issues?
  2. Can you schedule the reboot via a maintenance window in any way? I work for an MSP With 2000+ endpoints, 100 different clients, and I want to push the update to the software itself and properly schedule a reboot time, potentially per client and their needs. Some have very specific times and days where they want automatic reboots to happen. I can't seem to find any way to do a window or schedule or delay with the reboot.. We just upgraded to ESET Protect 8.0 and have the web console to manage it all.
  3. Have to say I agree with the OP. We just did the same thing basically to our fleet we manage as an MSP and now 8.0 drops re-flagging all the systems. Two questions: 1. Can you suppress the out of date message / yellow icon. As an MSP with over 100 clients, 2000+ endpoints, many end users notice this and panic and then call in and wonder why their system is 'out of date.' Is there any policy I can enable that will prevent such notifications to the end user? As an MSP, we monitor the web console and deal with it as needed for our clients. 2 . When the status of protection is 'Computer Restart Required', is the system being adequately protected by ESET? Or is the AV itself no longer properly protecting the workstation? I like the one-click update tasks and auto-update triggers I can create, but I don't want to do that if it means any system waiting on a restart is not protected until it is restarted. I can't in good conscience do an Auto-Reboot without figuring out how to do that during a maintenance window within the console. (that's a 3rd question technically).
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