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  1. Thanks Peter. Seems to be working ok now. Had tried yesterday with incognito mode so cache/cookies shouldn't make much difference.
  2. Attempting to login to ECA this morning (29/10/2020, 09:50 GMT) and am getting "Something went wrong, please try again later" with a message at the top of the page stating "Login failed communication error". Help?
  3. Is ECA down again? Was working fine yesterday evening in the end but am once again unable to login. As a NEW ECA customer who's just migrated our installs across for more flexibility than an on-prem service can offer, it's not what could be called a good start. We've happily used ESET products for YEARS. Starting to regret not looking around before renewing our licences again.
  4. Also just started migrating our users across to ECA - worked fine last week, can't sign in without errors this morning. Any estimated time to fix? Do you have a status page somewhere, rather than relying on paying customers stumbling across a user forum that I had no idea that existed until 5 minutes ago ?
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