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  1. I am using eset antivirus and I am facing problems like duplicate ip address in network , arp cache poisoning attack . Will the future version of eset antivirus include a firewall for linux . I want the complete internet security solution even for linux desktop .
  2. The problem is with the antivirus but not with the password . I installed an older version of antivirus and the problem of invalid username and password solved for me . Thank you Marcos .
  3. Thanks to Alfio for making me remember older version of eset antivirus . The problem is not with the username and password but with the latest version of eset linux antivirus 4.0.96 version
  4. What is wrong with the Antivirus . My application is activated but I am not able to update the antivirus ? I am attaching an image which describes my problem . Also sometimes I receive an error saying that "update server not found" When will the antivirus start working properly ? I don't like to spend money for free .
  5. I have recently upgraded my Ubuntu os from 19.10 to 20.04 . I followed all the instructions to install libappindicator1,libcanberra-gtk-module:i386 . Eset icon is missing form the top bar . Also I am unable to update the antivirus . Can someone help me out
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