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  1. Great. Thanks for the quick response!
  2. Hello, I am running ESET NOD32 version ESET just pushed a big pop-up that asked me to install the latest update. I checked this forum to confirm there is an update but I don't see anything. Is there a new update to NOD32? Thanks!
  3. Ugh. Unfortunately I no longer have the Flash Player download I ran that caused trouble on the laptop. I asked ESET to delete it. I still have the one I downloaded to the desktop, and also the one from last month, but I don't know that they would help since both ran without issues. By the way, it seems that I have the current updated version of the Flash Player on the laptop so it appears that the update installer completed its task. Thanks again for all of your input into my trying to understand this incident.
  4. My ESET Detections log, shown below, has only four entries, all associated with this incident. I assume that is one entry for each of the four times I clicked on the Delete button (instead of the 'Allow to proceed' button) because the window was slow to close. I cannot find anywhere that specifically shows which files were deleted, only that Delete was the action taken. Thanks again for all of your input into my trying to understand this incident.
  5. Thanks again for your response. What you say makes sense. What do you make of the ESET deep scan I 'ran as Administrator' finding no threats? I.e., no Kryptik variant like it detected when I tried to update the Flash Player nor any other malware? When ESET detected the Kryptik variant and presented me with the options to Delete 'the file' or to allow the process to continue I selected Delete. Would you expect that ESET deleted the Kryptic variant, that it is gone, and that is why it wasn't detected on the run as Administrator scan, or that it could still be hiding somewhere
  6. Thanks again for your response. The Cyrillic language popup did not appear on my desktop, only on my laptop, and only after I attempted to update the Flash Player and ESET detected the Kryptic variant threat. As mentioned above the Cyrillc language popup has not returned to the laptop so far. On my desktop the Flash Player update installed without problems or threat notification from ESET nor the Cyrillic language popup as it always has so far. I allow Adobe to notify me that an update is ready for download but I always manually go to their site to download it and install i
  7. Thanks again for your response. Yesterday without success I tried to force the renewal pop up on this laptop by logging off and back on, restarting my laptop, logging off and shutting down and starting up again, launching the ESET GUI, etc.. But after all of that I didn't see any renewal pop up, neither the normal English language pop up nor the same unusual non-English language pop up shown in the image in my previous message. I also haven't seen any renewal pop up since I started this laptop today. It's possible that this laptop never has given me renewal pop ups and only show
  8. Thanks again for your latest response. No renewal pop up has popped up again since the one in what appeared to be Russian. I am waiting for the next one, not sure what triggers it. Yes, the ESET GUI appears to be normal. I have gone through almost all of the screens and everything is in the English language.
  9. Thanks for your response. I ran the full "Scan as Administrator" as you suggested, results shown below. I am still confused as to why ESET didn't also detect the Kryptik variant on my desktop when I ran the Flash installer there. I was updating from the same previous version of Flash to the same current version of Flash. I am also still confused as to why ESET is now showing me the renewal pop up message in a language other than English . . .
  10. So, in addition to this Flash Installer issue I now have this . . . My ESET subscription runs out in a few days, 7 I think. I have been getting the appropriate pop up window reminding me to renew, always in English on all three of our Windows PCs. Just now on this laptop the following window popped up. I don't know what language it is and I don't understand why it changed from English . . . but it seems strange that it would happen at the same time that I have this issue with the Flash installer . . . Thoughts?
  11. Right, I figured as much. I scanned the .exe file just to confirm and eliminate that as an issue.
  12. Thanks all for your responses. @Marcos From my original post: "About an hour ago I installed this same update to Adobe Flash without any problem on my desktop that has the same versions and updates of Windows, Flash, ESET NOD32, and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. I still have the downloaded C:\install\flashplayer32_xa_install.exe file on my desktop so I scanned it with both ESET and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and neither found any threats on that one." Both the laptop and the desktop have Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit. The detection was not triggered on the desktop
  13. So I just downloaded and tried to install the latest update to Adobe Flash,, on Win7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit, on my laptop. I'm running ESET NOD32, with Detection Engine 21489. After I entered the Administrator password to the prompt to allow the update to install I got the pop up shown below from ESET NOD 32. After some searching to see if I could find anything about this I selected to delete the file C:\install\flashplayer32_xa_install.exe. My log file shows ESET detected and deleted this threat four times between 7:19:52 and 7:28:07 PM which probably
  14. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit and ESET NOD32 AV The attached image just popped up on my screen. ESET was not open when this happened. Is it legitimate? If yes, the buttons are confusing. What happens if I click on STAY PROTECTED? What happens if I click on POSTPONE? Does the pop up keep coming back? What happens if I just 'X' out? Thanks!
  15. Today I noticed the orange dot on the ESET icon in Win7 system tray. I opened NOD32 and saw 'updates stopped by user'. So I checked for updates and version came down and installed, with reboot. So far I'm running without issues on two Win7 Home Premium 64-bit PCs. 🙂
  16. Ok, I see there is now a change log for v12.2.29.0 at the top of this forum. Thanks! It's dated September 5 but I can't believe I didn't see it when I posted my message above . . .
  17. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (I know, running out of time) . . . After booting up just now I noticed a message waiting for me on the NOD32 notification icon (orange dot). I opened NOD32 and the message said downloads for an update had been stopped at my request (or words to that effect). As far as I know I did not actively stop any downloads, but I checked for updates. Notification of system updates popped up so, I downloaded them and they installed. I got the request to restart, which I did, and now I have NOD32 version I haven't been able to find any mention of
  18. Shortly after my previous post Malwarebytes released Anti-Exploit update that appears to have fixed this problem.
  19. The problem with Firefox 58.0.2 (and other versions) no longer loading pages was caused by an update to Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit on March 8. Apparently it affects only some users. Uninstalling MBAE fixes the problem. Malwarebytes are aware of the problem and are investigating.
  20. Sorry, my bad. I forgot to include that all three PCs are running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit.
  21. On March 8 Firefox 58.0.2 started to not load pages most of the time on all three of our PCs that are running ESET NOD32 Before that all three PCs had been humming along just fine for a long time. Shortly before I began to notice this problem I began seeing TLS messages from Firefox in the lower left corner where it shows you what it is doing as it loads the page. I have temporarily disabled ESET and I have temporarily turned off TLS protection but neither fixed this problem. Was there an update on or around March 8 that may have caused this problem or is it j
  22. NOD32 just gave me a message that an update to 9.0.425.0 was ready to install. I went ahead and let it install and reboot and everything appears to be fine. I have searched the ESET site and support community but I cannot find anywhere that says what this update to 9.0.425.0 is about. Does anyone know? I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 with Windows Updates current through the December 2017 rollup. Thanks!
  23. Thanks for your response. The pop up window I got was much bigger than the one you show above. It had a link, but I was reluctant to click on it for fear of starting the installation process. I would like to confirm what version it wants to install. I will investigate when it pops up again.
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