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  1. EDIT: A block file operations rule 😂 I'm sorry to quote it again, because I can't find the EDIT button in my previous reply....😭
  2. Hello, Marcos I try to create a block file operations, I can't find any " folder access only" switches in file operations options, like this picture. I checked the description of "Direct access to disk"(this switch is in the middle) and I don't think it's the same as the "only access to folders" feature I was thinking of, so I don't know if this option will do the job of blocking access. So I'm a little confused and feel that none of these options would fit my intended idea. Or there is no such options in HIPS? It is possible that there is a problem with my settings
  3. 😉Hi, I think you have a good idea, but for me, it's not a bad thing to add a similar feature like EDTD to the home version. Or rather, the home version should just include a bit of aggressive detection.(of course you can change it in advance settings) Because sometimes I'll suddenly find a low-propagation threat (livegrid no any data ) that scans with no alerts, so I try to upload it using the software's right-click menu, and I wait for ages without receiving a response The threat isn't detected either, this makes me a little sad. Greeting.
  4. I think the new version could include a dark mode interface, or a customizable interface...I've seen a lot of people keep trying to say: they want a new interface, etc.😂
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