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  1. Thank you Marcos. Following your reply i understand they both have the same Eraagent.exe file. I updated them to the latest version. Thank you again.
  2. Thank you Marcos for your reply. I am probably confused. I have attached two screenshots about the two agents i am referring to. After upgrading to EMSC server 7.2 form ERA6.5, my question is more about the agent on the endpoint side (clients and servers computers). Do i need to uninstall the "Remote administrator agent" (Attachment: era agent) present on some servers then install the EMSC management agent (Attachment: emsc agent). I am confused because both seem to play the same role and are both available for install on the EMSC server. Again thank you so much for your
  3. First, please forgive me if this isn't the right place to post. I have been looking for topics / tutorials but didn't get one that answer my question. - I am taking over a new company with ESET. I was able to migrate from ERA to EMSC 7 successfully with the help of a great tutorial on that. - I updated the EMSC agent on all clients fine However, on servers, i see that they have ERA agent, which, in my understanding is the equivalent of EMSC agent for ERA. For now, the servers report fine to EMSC server fine but i was wondering if i should still install EMSC agent. If yes,
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