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  1. Hello I have fiew clients with ESMC/ESET Protect and they generate PDF report and send me email every day. Sometime one client (different) not send scheduled report with comment: ReportPrinter: ReportPrinterTool exited with: Failed to print report with: QtReportPrinter: Operation timeout [code:20] How can I diagnose this / increase this time / automatic renew report if failed?
  2. Hello I have fiew clients with 15 to 100 computers with ESET v5 and ERA5. It is good and simple software. I install it on MS SQL server and scheduled task run 2 reports in sql and daily send me email: Computer IP Signatures Connected --------------- --------------- ------------------ ----------- -------------------------------------------- Comp1 22046 (20200924) 20200925 Comp2 22046 (20200924) 20200925 Operation system is not u
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