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    Filipe gave kudos to Marcos in Few important suggestions for making ESET more powerful   
    1. Suggestions should be posted in the appropriate topic in the appropriate roduct subforums.
    2. Most of the things you've mentioned is already there.
    3. Suggestions must not be general like I want a better firewall, better antiphishing etc. but should be focused on a particular feature with as many details as possible provided.
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    Filipe gave kudos to Peter Randziak in Eset Protection features   
    Hello guys,
    we are running an ESET Insiders program to beta test new version of our consumer products for Windows, the program is invitation only and under NDA.
    In case you would like to apply, drop me a private message.
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    Filipe gave kudos to Marcos in ESET Internet Security 14 version release date   
    Yes, v14 is going to be released later this year. It will be announced here as well as via other marketing channels.
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    Filipe received kudos from Peter Randziak in ESET Endpoint Security 8 BETA signup   
    Hi Peter,
     I´m Filipe and i have a bussiness license (ESET Remote Workforce offer) for my repairs shop. i would like to test the new beta Enpoint Security 8 which i love already because you said that has some features that i like
    Waiting your feedback.
    Kind Regards, 
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