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  1. I have no idea of who this person is! I am so tired of all this. I am getting frustrated. I just want my money back or a product that works!
  2. Hi Marcos, thank you for your help. I also got a hold of them. Our Russian friends now say I can renew the license by "changing product" and activate the key through myeset.com. My current license is not connected to this email, correct. My current (before renewal) public ID is: 33D-F7B-3RE I did collect the logs, but they're bigger than 100MB so I can't attach the zip file here. Now, all things considerate I would be happy to just being able to use what I purchased. If I can really use that key without refund and such I'd just do that. What do you suggest Marcos?
  3. Yes, I still have my lovely Russian version installed since I cant renew it! I'll totally collect the logs since this thing is getting hilarious. In the meantime check this out! My ESET speaking languages... 😂 (I blackened the "mighty key"... just in case)
  4. Well well, our Russian friends have just replied that they are not going to refund me because now I know the mighty "license key". A key that I will never be able to use. I'm pretty disapponted, also because the country restriction was never specified at time of purchase and they did not require any Russian address or telephone number to make the purchase. Meanwhile they did not refuse my Italian money. "Pecunia non olet" they say in Latin. Weird I got sent there by my antivirus, tho. If I cannot purchase a renewal why sending me there? Kids outside of Russia DO NOT BUY from the Russ
  5. I am confused. I've never installed and reinstalled ESET within the last 12 months. I swear it was talking to me in English before a few months ago! But anyway, no biggie. I'll just ask for a refund. Since the website is legitimate I shouldn't have any problems. Cheers*
  6. TBH I've no clue why all of a sudden my ESET started to talk to me in Russian. That happened about 4/5 months ago. (No, I'm not using a VPN on my laptop where the antivirus is currently installed). It just happened that it started to talk to me in Russian and I followed the link it gave me when my license expired. Since the website is totally in Russian, I just installed an add-on to translate the page. The offer was great, the website seemed legitimate, so I bought the new license... Too bad it doesn't work outside of Russia ^^' .
  7. Actually, no. I've never been to Russia in my life. I wondered that too. 😄
  8. Hi Marcos, thank you for the quick reply. I didn't know it was going to be a problem since the ESET software itself sent me to the Russian page. I'll definitely buy from the EU next time and again, isn't that page legit?
  9. Hi there, I renewed my license on this website which I was sent to by the ESET App itself. https://new.shop.esetnod32.ru/ Now I get the error ACT. 33 It didn't say that there was a country restriction, or a didn't notice. Is the website legit? Is there a way I can fix the issue and use my purchased code?
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