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  1. actually, I only tested if the Detection exclusions works or not, haven't really enroll it on the user's computer. of course i will warn the user about this, but sometime it is not our choose if the user insist they must access it.
  2. isn't "*drjart.com*" already covered "*.drjart.com/*" ? the syntax you quote should be just safety purpose, am i correct?
  3. Thanks for the advise, adding it to Detection exclusions works. So is it normal that added the URL in allowed list/excluded from content scan will not prevent javascript scanner scan the URL?
  4. Hi everyone, How do you exclude URL on javascript scanner? website URL: https://www.drjart.com/ko/main/index I tried add the URL in below address list, but it is still blocking the website. Advanced setup -> Network Protection -> web access protection -> address list I have input *drjart.com* on "List of allowed addresses" and "List of addresses excluded from content scan" Below is the log Time;Scanner;Object type;Object;Detection;Action;User;Information;Hash;First seen here 22/9/2020 5:43:29 PM;JavaScript scanner;file;https://image.drjart.com/front/
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